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Features and Limitations of the Online Store

The service is flexible and can cater for a variety of needs, but there are some limitations.

The Online Store offers two distinct services:

1. Product Catalogue

The Product Catalogue is a quick and easy way to list University goods and services that can then be paid for Online.


  • Sale notification emails
  • Automated stock control
  • Optional delivery costs
  • Add bespoke questions to items
  • Add bespoke emails to items
  • Sales reporting
  • Sales order processing
  • Product variance (e.g. merchandise sizing, course dates)
  • Add downloadable files
  • 'Hidden' or restricted items possible


  • Limited flexibility for events registration (see below)


2. Short Courses

The Short Courses module is a more complex system that allows for student registration for short courses.


  • Multiple Occurences - allowing customers to choose attendence dates
  • Multiple categories for variable pricing
  • Visibility dates for 'early bird' rates
  • Limit events to specific users/organisations
  • Limit categories to specific users/organisations
  • Multiple attendee registration in a single order
  • Attendee reporting
  • Add bespoke questions to course registration
  • Add bespoke emails to your event
  • Add course location details



Article last updated: Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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