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We ensure the accurate and timely tuition billings for over 35,000 students, and accommodation fee billing for 3,500 Manchester Met students. The Student Billings Team is also responsible for a number of other functions and processes, including the following: 

  • We confirm student attendance and fee information to Student Finance, and reconcile data relating to tuition fee loans and grants. We also notify Student Finance of changes to a student’s profile, including fee, course and attendance information.
  • We approve and process payments relating to student support, including the Manchester Met Student Support Package and Academic Achievement Bursary.
  • We maintain and update the University Regulations for the Payment of University Fees, and other associated documents.
  • We maintain and update the University Fees List.
  • We provide advice and guidance to university staff and students on a range of fee-related issues. 
  • We process adjustments in an effective and timely manner using our Tuition Billings Database.
  • We process tuition and accommodation refunds along with met card refunds for graduates and leavers.

Over the past few years, Student Billings has been involved in a number of initiatives to improve university processes and procedures, and to benefit the student experience. We are currently involved in the Student Journey Transformation Programme and the Personal Finance Well Being Steering group. We are keen to understand the needs of both staff and students on the best way to communicate changes and important information and would welcome any ideas. We are very enthusiastic about building new relationships in other departments and teams – please feel free to get in touch. 

Article last updated: Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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