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Cashiers Service

The Cashiers team have responsibility for overseeing the accurate and timely receipt of income, control and reconciliation of bank statements and the prompt payment of all outgoing payments from across the University. The team are guardians of all cash operations throughout the University, providing cash floats for all Catering outlets, Libraries, IT Print Services and the Post Room, reconciling and banking all cash income on a daily basis. They also take the lead on reconciling all transactions made via the University's cashless card, the Met Card, and providing timely and accurate data for reporting purposes.

The services that the Cashiers team provide include:

  • Bank account management and bank statement reconciliation including all income and expenditure - if you are aware of any items of income that are due to be paid to the University or have received a remittance advice from an organisation, please forward details to so all income can be reconciled in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Guardians of all payment acceptance processes throughout the University including overseeing all cash, credit/debit card, direct debit and met card transactions. 
  • Providers of cash floats for all cash taking service outlets, including Catering, Libraries, IT Services, Sports facilities and the MMU Post Room.
  • Processing of all payments made by the University via the relevant system.
  • Reconciliation of all met card transactions that are made throughout the University, including the University online system and external vendors. 
  • Reconciliation of all the University’s procurement cards including the receipt of procurement card logs and accounting for procurement card transactions in SAP.
  • Reconciliation of all credit/debit card transactions that are received through the University’s pay online systems, accounting for them accurately in SAP. 
  • Receipt and processing of all international payments either through the University’s bankers, Barclays, or the Santander online system.
  • Advice on the University’s Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliance (PCI DSS).

It is strictly prohibited to take credit/debit card details if you do not have the facility to process the payments. Credit/debit card details must never be sent in the internal mail, sent over the University network via email, stored in an electronic format or written down and stored.

General cashiers enquiries

For all cashiers enquiries contact:

Telephone - exts 1828
Email -

Article last updated: Monday, May 10, 2021

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