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Insurance is managed by the Legal Department within Professional Services.

The Insurance Officer is responsible for all insurances which may relate to the University property, activities, students and staff.

All policies run from 1st August to the 31st July annually however risks and activities are reviewed reactively throughout the year.

This website provides information and process guidance in regards to the University insurance policies as well as some risk management and claims advice. If you have any queries or require guidance in relation to insurance issues at the University which are not answered by the website please contact the Insurance Officer.

Goals of MMU Insurance

  1. To financially protect the University from large losses by transferring the risk to an insurance company.
  2. To assist in the reinstatement and reduce business interruption after a large loss.
  3. To encourage risk reduction and management of University activities and property.
  4. To purchase necessary insurance cover which must also be good value for money.


Please note that all information displayed on the Insurance Website is subject to the advice provided by the University’s Brokers and Insurers and therefore may be altered at any time. The University’s Insurance Officer will make every effort to ensure that the website is current and accurate however, this cannot be guaranteed. 

The Insurance Website is part of Manchester Metropolitan University’s website and therefore subject to the same terms and conditions stated on the legal notice page:

General enquiries

Telephone - +44 0161 247 5992
Email -

Article last updated: Monday, April 23, 2018

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