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Getting Paid

Staff are paid monthly at the end of the month. On the last banking day of the month.

Pay dates for the coming months are:


Month Pay Date
January 2018 Wed 31 Jan 2018
February 2018 Wed 28 Feb 2018
March 2018 Fri 30 Mar 2018
April 2018 Mon 30 Apr 2018
May 2018 Thu 31 May 2018
June 2018 Fri 29 Jun 2018
July 2018 Tue 31 Jul 2018
August 2018 Fri 31 Aug 2018
September 2018 Fri 28 Sep 2018
October 2018 Wed 31 Oct 2018


In addition to staff salaries we also make payment for studentships, which are paid on the 15th of the month and Teacher Trainer Bursaries, which are paid on the closest banking day on or prior to the 5th of each month.


Article last updated: Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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