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Loans, Grants and Other Funding

A quick guide to other non-Manchester Met sources of funding for fees

Student Finance (Undergraduate and PGCE)

If you are a UK undergraduate or PGCE student, you can apply to Student Finance for a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of your tuition fees. You may also be able to apply for maintenance funding to help with your living costs.

Each country within the UK has its own student finance    provider, and eligibility and application arrangements  vary. You should make your application to the relevant provider for the country in which you usually live, not the country where your university is. So, for example, if you are a Welsh student, you should apply to Student Finance Wales, even if you are attending university in England. You can find more information at the links below:

If you are an EU undergraduate student, you can also apply to Student Finance England for a tuition fee loan, although you will not be eligible for any maintenance support. You can request an application pack here.

Confirming your registration

Before you can receive your maintenance funding, the University has to advise Student Finance that you are enrolled with us. This is called confirming your registration.

If you are a new full time student you will receive your first payment generally at the end of welcome week, once you have collected your ID card and Manchester Met have confirmed to Student Finance that you have arrived, with the remainder paid in instalments at the start of each subsequent term.

If you are a new part time student maintenance loans are released dependant on the number of credits confirmed at registration confirmation. You will recieve your first payment generally 2 weeks after you collected your ID card and Manchester Met have confirmed to Student Finance that you have arrived. The remaining instalments will be paid 2 weeks after the start of each term.

Please be aware that confirming your registration is not the same thing as confirming your attendance. We are required to confirm your registration only once during the academic year after you have enrolled. We have to confirm your attendance to Student Finance on three fee liability dates during the academic year. Confirming your attendance means that the University receives payment of your tuition fee loan.

Reporting changes to Student Finance

The University is obliged to notify Student Finance if you:

  • Do not enrol on your course
  • Withdraw from your course
  • Suspend your studies
  • Transfer to a new course

Or make any other amendment to your studies during the academic year which may have implications for your fees and funding.

We advise Student Finance of these changes via an electronic ‘change of circumstances’ form automatically, once the changes have been approved and updated on your student record. You do not need to request a change of circumstance form to be sent!

If you have any questions about attendance confirmation, Student Finance tuition fee loans, or change of circumstances, please email


Postgraduate and Doctoral Student Loans

Full details of the Postgraduate Loan scheme for UK/EU students can be found at our dedicated website here.

Full details of the Doctoral Loan scheme for UK/EU students can be found at our dedicated website here.


Employer/Sponsor Funding

If your employer, or another organisation, wish to pay your tuition fees, then you must provide official written confirmation from your sponsor prior to your enrolment. You can then select this method of payment when you enrol online.

Family members or friends who have agreed to help you with your fees do not count as sponsors.

Sponsor letters should provide the following information:

  • Your name and (if possible) student ID number.
  • The full invoicing address of your sponsor.
  • Your sponsor’s email address (this will be used to email your fee invoice to them).
  • Whether the sponsorship is for the full duration of your course, or only for one academic year (if for one year only, you will need to provide another letter for each year of your course).
  • If your sponsor is not paying your full course fees, they should specify the correct amount or percentage to be invoiced.

You can download an example sponsor letter here.

Please email your sponsor letter to, including your student ID number.

When we receive your sponsor letter, we will assess it, and if approved, we will send a fee invoice directly to your sponsor (once you complete your enrolment online). Payment should be made within 30 days of the invoice date.

If your sponsor wishes to provide funding for more than one academic year, they should indicate this on your sponsor letter. We will then keep a copy on file for future academic years. Otherwise, you must provide a new sponsor letter each academic year.

Manchester Met Funding

University staff who wish to provide tuition fee funding for a colleague or student from a departmental budget should download this memo  and return it to when completed.


Funding for Teacher Training

Funding is available for eligible graduates starting PGCE courses in the 2020/21 academic year. The amount of funding you could be eligible for depends on the subject you wish to teach, and your academic qualifications. 

You can find full details of available funding at the Department for Education website.

If you have questions about how your bursary will be paid, please contact


US Financial Aid

American students attending Manchester Met are eligible to receive US Department of Education Federal Direct Loans and other US based private education loans to assist them in funding their studies.

If you would like to know what aid programs are available, how to access the funds, and your responsibilities, please see this guide from the Manchester Met International Office, or contact

For information about how your aid is processed after you enrol on your course, please download this guide from the Student Billings team.


Career Development Loans

Career Development Loans (CDLs) may be available for postgraduate students to help towards tuition fees. You can find more information and details of how to apply hereThe University's CDL provider number is 2077.

If you have a CDL, please email evidence of your loan, including the dates and amounts that the bank will be paying us, to

Most CDLs will pay a maximum of 80% of the total course fees, leaving a 20% contribution which you will have to fund by another method. If this applies to you, you will need to make payment online or set up an instalment plan

If you have any further questions about CDLs please contact


Other Sources of Funding

There are lots of resources available to help you look for other sources of funding your studies. For further help and advice, please contact the Student Financial Support team.

Article last updated: Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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