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Financial and Legal Services Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial and Management Accounting

RKE Accounting Support

Send the following to;

- Authorised project opening form (included within the costing tool)

- Signed agreement that has been reviewed by Legal Services Team

- Budget, in the ‘Costing tool’ format

- The PI will receive an ‘account opening’ email once an account has been created. The email will contain important information i.e. budget code, account signatories, material code (for sales invoices), your RKE Accounting Support contact 


When a sales invoice is raised to a project code, it will show as income (as a credit/minus figure on your download) but this does not mean that the invoice has actually been paid. Our payment terms are 30 days therefore if a payment has not been received within this period date it is classed as a debt and the Credit Control team will try to recover the debt. You may be able assist Credit Control by providing a contact name and number to or telephone 0161 247 1852. For a list of outstanding debts on your project, please correspond with your R&3S contact person quoting your project code.

Please see guidance on completing project set up forms here. If you require further support, please seek guidance from your RKE Accounting contacts.

Your Faculty may have an Admin Support Team who have received SAP training and will be able to raise the invoice for you.

If not, contact your RKE Accounting Support contact.

Contact your Faculty Accountant, who will review your need for access to SAP & arrange if applicable.

See Procurement section

Provide external confirmation and send to


Contact your RKE Accounting Support contact

Follow Procurement procedures for self-employed individuals or company payment or, seek advice from Human Resources, who will advise if payment is to be made via payroll/contract for service/P2P.

See procurement guidance or contact Human Resources

Submit request to or contact your RKE Accounting Support contact.

Useful Information for Staff

Please find a template of the FIN416 on the financial and legal services website , complete and send to Alternatively, there may be an administrator within your department who can raise invoices for you.


Liability Insurance

The document can be found at



Please contact the Insurance Officer (see to discuss the proposed activity and to obtain details of the insurance.



Travel Insurance

Yes. Most personal travel insurance policies will not cover business trips or business equipment and may not provide appropriate cover for student placements. In addition, if you need to make a claim under the MMU travel insurance policy, the Insurance Officer can give you the help and advice you need.


Please see for information on how to apply for travel insurance.



See where a PDF summary of cover document is available. Please contact the Insurance Officer if you have any queries.




Payroll Services

Getting Paid

Staff salaries are paid on the last banking day in the month.  Please refer to the table on the 'getting paid' tab of the Payrol Function area of the Financial and Legal Services web page to determine the exact date.

The Payroll team also pay the following bursary payments:

Studentships - paid on the 15th of each month

Teacher Trainer Bursaries - paid on the 5th of each month (10 months - October to July)

Copy payslips are available through myHR and can be printed if they are required for a third party e.g. confirmation of earnings for a benefit application or mortgage application.  For the small number of staff who do not have access to myHR please contact a member of the payroll team.

Members of staff can update their personal details, including bank details, through myHR.

Log in to MyHR --> Click on tab 'My Self' in upper left hand corner --> Click 'personal profile' under My Personal Information --> Click on the small pencil next to 'Main Bank' in Bank Information section.

In the event this does not work, please e-mail a member of the Payroll team and they can make the change on your behalf.

Please note: New details will not be accepted over the telephone.

The pay dates are unchanged over the Christmas and New Year period:

December salaries are paid on Monday 31st December 2018.

Income Tax

Your P60 is an important document and should be kept in a safe place as it will be needed if you are required to complete a self assessment income tax return.

If you are unable to locate the P60 that has been issued to you please contact a member of the payroll team who will be able to help.

The tax reference number for employees of the University is:


This can be found in the top right hand corner box of your payslip.

Further information regarding Income Tax can be found on the Financial and legal Services web pages.

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