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Financial and Management Accounting Documents

Financial Accounting

Document NameDocument TypeDate Posted
Annual Finance Statement 2011/12pdf13-Oct-2015
Annual Finance Statement 2012/13pdf13-Oct-2015
Annual Finance Statement 2013/14pdf13-Oct-2015
Annual Finance Statement 2014/15pdf15-Dec-2015
Annual Finance Statement 2015/16pdf30-Nov-2016
Endowment and Restricted Donation Policypdf28-Jan-2016
Year end checklistxlsx11-Jul-2017
Year end process notesdocx11-Jul-2017
Year end timetable 2016-17xlsx11-Jul-2017

Management Accounting

Document NameDocument TypeDate Posted
2014/15 Devolved Budget Bookpdf13-Oct-2015
2015/16 Devolved Budget Bookpdf20-Oct-2015
Period End Timetable 2016-17pdf05-Sep-2016
fEC Costing Tool-Knowledge Exchange & CPD Jun 2018xlsx30-Mar-2017
fEC Costing Tool-Research Apr 2018xlsx30-Mar-2017

RKE Accounting Support

Document NameDocument TypeDate Posted
Project set up form guidancepptx09-Mar-2016
Page Feedback and Performance

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