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Data Protection

Document NameDocument TypeDate Posted
Data Breach Reporting Procedureavi06-Mar-2017
Data Protection Factsheet for Staffavi06-Mar-2017
Privacy Impact Assessment - MMUTemplateavi13-Mar-2017
Privacy Impact Assessment Process 2017avi19-May-2017
University Information Sharing Processavi06-Mar-2017

Data Protection and Freedom Of Information

Document NameDocument TypeDate Posted
Access to Information - Other Data Subjects docx03-Nov-2015
Access to Information - Staffdocx03-Nov-2015
Access to Information - Studentsdocx03-Nov-2015
Data Protection Awareness Sessionpdf15-Oct-2015
Freedom of Information - Request For Informationdoc15-Oct-2015

General Data Protection Regulation

Document NameDocument TypeDate Posted
GDPR Overview and University's GDPR Preparationavi07-Apr-2017

General Legal Information

Document NameDocument TypeDate Posted
Business Case Checklistdocx03-Nov-2015
Management Essentials - Business Case Checklistpdf03-Nov-2015
Management Essentials Activity Flowchartpdf03-Nov-2015
Modern Slavery Act Policypdf21-Dec-2016
Precedent Mutual Confidentiality/NDAdocx03-Nov-2015

Document NameDocument TypeDate Posted
Information Sharing Agreement Templateavi19-May-2017
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